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Trade n swap

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I created this community for people who like to trade/swap their cool stuff for other peoples cooler stuff It can be just about anything like: sticks,stencils,crafty supplies,diy stuff,slash n stich tees,reconstructs,clothes in general shoes,posters,mixtapes/cds.ect ect keep in mind swaps will be conducted via mail so heavy objects will cost more to send. Hopefully it will go a little like this
1. Post a picture or at least a VERY detailed description of the item(s) you wanna get rid of
include: size,color,condition,any measurements you have available
2. Suggest things you will accept as barter Like this "I am interested in trading for green striped socks or depeche mode stickers"you dont have to do this of course people can just offer what they think you might like
3. users who are interested will comment on your post with what they have or are willing to trade
4. original poster will decide whom they want to trade with and reply to that person's comment with email address or however they prefer to be contacted. You are of course NOT obligated to pick anyone if you dont like whats offered!!
5. you will have to make trade arrangements amongst yourselves including when and how you will mail the to be traded items also where you want them mailed ect.
6. Be aware people MAY try to scam you so dont get rid of anything you completely love I wont be able to force anyone to be cool and honest this is a community based on trust, If you have a delay in sending your package PLEASE contact your trade partner and let them know whats going on.
If this happens please notify the rest of the group but do try to attempt contact before posting about a flake swapper
7. when you recieve your trade/swap package please post/brag about what you got.
8. I may from time to time organize voluntary themed swaps like halloween or valentines or stickers you get the picture...
10. HAVE FUN!!!