Worthless liar (maybeucansaveme) wrote in tradezees,
Worthless liar


Please check out my auctions, i'm trying to make some money for college and also trying to make room in my room. I have a lot of different items. I have clothing and lots of clothing with starting bids of 2 or 3 dollars. I have book, beanies, dolls....and the list goes on. Also, I have a Coach bag here, Ebay claims is was a counterfeit bag, and took it off the auction but I can not see how it is. It has the tags, the little serial number poem inside and everything. A friend of my fathers gave it to me, so i can't really tell. But either way, i'm not interested in keeping it. If anyone here is interested send me an e-mail at kornfreak4343@yahoo.com with a price and whoever gives the highest, will get it. haha, kinda like e-bay without e-bay. works for me. Save myself 30 cents! WOO!

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