Worthless liar (maybeucansaveme) wrote in tradezees,
Worthless liar

clothes for sale/trade

I still have a lot of clothing left if anyone is interested. CLothing is posted in my live journal ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/maybeucansaveme/15350.html#cutid1 ). A few things are gone though. I'm trying to get rid of this stuff and not have to deal with e-bay, i'll willing to barter prices and things will go for real cheap. If you have tried to contact me before, and still want something, also let me know. The clothes are posted in the live journal. i'm willing to trade but would prefer money. I'm just really looking to get rid of this stuff. Please let me know, and If I said a price that was too high or something, contact me and we can work something out, prices are flexable. Thanks for looking.
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