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27th May 2009



Clothing, shoes and accessories: Dread falls, wigs, plus size goth, emo, scene, casual wear. Platforms, boots, more!!  Jewelry, purses, etc

DVDSs, CDs, video games, books, and more

Makeup: MAC, La Mer, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Avon, drugstore, and more! 


Everything needs to go!  Feel free to make an offer!

12th May 2009

Clothing: plus sizes - goth, punk, emo, scene, rock n roll, casual, more
Shoes: platforms, sandals, heels
Accessories: purses, jewelry, wigs

DVDSs, CDs, video games, books, and more
Makeup: MAC, NARS, La Mer, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Avon, drugstore, and more! 


Everything needs to go!  Feel free to make an offer! 
Trades welcome!

7th May 2009

Plus size clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, jewelry, wigs, makeup and more!!! 


Everything needs to go!  Feel free to make an offer! 
Trades welcome!

27th April 2009


Please join:


Come swap ANYTHING:
Clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, posters, candles, household items, video games, homemade, DIY, Etsy shop items, and anything else you'd like! You can also swap services such as website design, graphics, etc.

This is a moderated and organized community to keep out the generic sales ads and keep the focus on swapping within the community. Please join!

29th November 2007

shopperscloset1:09pm: \

5th November 2004

approximation5:28pm: I hope this is appropriate...

I have a domain [www.manicattack.com] with a boatload of unused space and subdomains [i.e. whateveryouwant.manicattack.com]. All I'm asking in exchange for my hosting your subdomain [or domain, if you have one registered elsewhere] is that you be one of my referrals on this site: http://www.mp3players4free.com/default.aspx?r=25410

If you don't know about the Free iPod fad, it goes like this: You put in your information (name, address, whatever), fulfill one of the required offers (they give you a list.. many of the offers give you a free trial period during which you can cancel risk-free, but you need a credit/debit card for verification purposes. AOL is an example of this.), and get five of your friends to do the same. Currently, I need at least four people to use me as their referrer.

If you're interested in having me host you, please sign up at the link above and then reply to this entry with your name and email address (or any other contact info) below. I'll email you as soon as I hear from you to arrange your subdomain and I'll activate it (and as many email addresses as you'd like) as soon as mp3players4free confirms that you fulfilled one of the offers. Everybody wins! :)

Alternately, I'll buy you 2 months of paid account status on livejournal.com.

3rd November 2003

maybeucansaveme3:54pm: ONLY 1 DAY LEFT!


30th October 2003

maybeucansaveme10:15pm: A few more items up ----> click here to view auctions

10th September 2003

maybeucansaveme11:56am: just hours left! please check out my auctions http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&include=0&userid=idiotwithacomputer&sort=3&rows=25&since=-1&rd=1

heres the ones that didn't sell. I'm taking offers for these:
Long skrit
Blue corduory pants
White sweater
old navy red shirt
6 v neck shirts (pending...sorta)

please e-mail me at kornfreak4343@yahoo.com with questions and please only say ur buying it if u serious. paypal is definitly perfered.

9th September 2003

maybeucansaveme4:14pm: If anyone is interested. My small v-neck shirt lot didn't sell on e-bay. my main goal right now is to get rid of them, if you want one of all of them, please e-mail me at kornfreak4343@yahoo.com with a price. they can be viewed at e-bay for a while HERE I do have other items ending sortly, please check them out. awsome clothing and such. click HERE for other auctions

8th September 2003

maybeucansaveme1:55pm: please check out my items, various clothing, all sizing, all real cheap! wOO! I combine shipping and everything, YEAY! view items here: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&include=0&userid=idiotwithacomputer&sort=3&rows=25&since=-1&rd=1

4th September 2003

maybeucansaveme11:24pm: Coach bag back up for auction! SCREW E-bay! view these and my other items here:

3rd September 2003

maybeucansaveme9:40pm: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&include=0&userid=idiotwithacomputer&sort=3&rows=25&since=-1&rd=1

Please check out my auctions, i'm trying to make some money for college and also trying to make room in my room. I have a lot of different items. I have clothing and lots of clothing with starting bids of 2 or 3 dollars. I have book, beanies, dolls....and the list goes on. Also, I have a Coach bag here, Ebay claims is was a counterfeit bag, and took it off the auction but I can not see how it is. It has the tags, the little serial number poem inside and everything. A friend of my fathers gave it to me, so i can't really tell. But either way, i'm not interested in keeping it. If anyone here is interested send me an e-mail at kornfreak4343@yahoo.com with a price and whoever gives the highest, will get it. haha, kinda like e-bay without e-bay. works for me. Save myself 30 cents! WOO!Here's the purse...Collapse )
maybeucansaveme2:09am: please help me pay for college, please buy stuff http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&include=0&userid=idiotwithacomputer&sort=3&rows=25&since=-1&rd=1 More items to come.

30th August 2003

maybeucansaveme2:22am: Ok, i have many of each of the following, if anyone is interested for sell/trade. prices and everything negotable. Either reply to the post or e-mail me at kornfreak4343@yahoo.com . All of these are promotional items and are NOT the full version. The movie dvd's are promos for the movie and NOT the actual movie. I just want to claify.

S.T.U.N : inculde 4 live performances of songs "movement", "Bordom", "Transmission" and "Annihilation of the generations"

A Man Apart
Terminatior 3

Cd promos:
Boy sets fire : 2 songs : 1. Release the Dogs 2; Handful of redemption
Rise Above: 3 songs 1. Rise above (ChuckD and Henry rollins) 2. Thristy and miserable (Lemmy of motorhead) 3: No more (Tim armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid)
Fingertight: 2 songs : 1. Fear in Me 2; Guilt
Memento : 2 songs 1. Nothing sacred 2. coming
Loudermilk 3 songs 1. Estrogen oxygen aches in the teeth again 2. California 3. Elekt
Posion the Well: 2 osngs : 1. Ghostchant 2. Zombies are good for your health
pillar 3 songs: 1 Fireproof 2. Echelon 3. Just to get by
Twisted Method : 2 songs 1. the end 2. Fleed

I'm willing to do almost anything to get these outta my posession, I have too many....
maybeucansaveme1:40am: Ok, I am looking to make a few dollars so I have decided to draw people. If you are interested in being drawn, or having a photo drawn (people preferably), Please contact me by reply to this post or e-mailing me at Kornfreak4343@yahoo.com I was loking in the price range for 25 dollars, nothing expersive. This rate is for a charcoal drawing on 14"X17" paper. the angel drawing is charcoal. If other mediums are desired (Like pencil, paint...etc...) we can work out sumthing but my most comfortable medium is charcoal. Some examples of my drawingsCollapse )

26th August 2003

vintagelolita4:36am: looking for:
i'm willing to buy/trade for:
dog flea collar new
dog leash

22nd August 2003

maybeucansaveme11:24pm: clothes for sale/trade
I still have a lot of clothing left if anyone is interested. CLothing is posted in my live journal ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/maybeucansaveme/15350.html#cutid1 ). A few things are gone though. I'm trying to get rid of this stuff and not have to deal with e-bay, i'll willing to barter prices and things will go for real cheap. If you have tried to contact me before, and still want something, also let me know. The clothes are posted in the live journal. i'm willing to trade but would prefer money. I'm just really looking to get rid of this stuff. Please let me know, and If I said a price that was too high or something, contact me and we can work something out, prices are flexable. Thanks for looking.

21st August 2003

maybeucansaveme3:01am: cltohes for sale
30 to 40 clothing items for sale, just check the last post in my journal and it will explain all. Thanks for looking.
maybeucansaveme12:05am: I'm trying to get rid of a lot of clothing because i'm moving off for college and i need to get it outta here. I want to give you guys first dibs on everything before i try it on e-bay. there are a lot of items...probably 30 or 40...I don't wanna piss ayone off by posting all that so I guess what i'm looking for is suggestions on how to post it, or if I should or anything along those lines. Let me know.

11th August 2003

glitterlisa11:32pm: Fetus Soap

If you have something you'd like to trade for fetus soap, let me know.

Otherwise, it's $4 a bar plus shipping & packaging.
Email me if you have any questions.
No children were harmed in the creation of this soap.

More about the soap hereCollapse )
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